aka JEFFREY M. BELL                (Inactive)  Moved to Austin, TX  January, 2014
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                                             ________ 2013_________
        Co-star audition "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."
           Part in skit about James Woods on "Conan"
         1 Film Role, 1 TV Role, 5 Film Auditions

                               Brief Clips (Classwork)
     Not So Bright Buddy/Meth Fiend                Man forced into a hard choice    

    Dirtbag lawyer                                 Thief plays dangerous game with a cop  

                   Original 2 min.Comedy Bit: Trouble in Outer Space


                View Short Movie:  
  Message to Blind Flower   Lead  

                    2012: 7 film auditions, 1 National Commercial (Florida Natural OJ)
                             Role in 1 Play

                   2011: Role in 1 film

                   2010: Roles in 3 films
                                       TV auditions:  "True Blood", to producers (Alan Ball)

                   2009:  Roles in 7 films.  Stand-Up (at The Improv).



                         Musician:  from the archives Video

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